These compositions were created many blue moons ago when I was a fledging glam rocker blasting away the clouds with a top of the range Woolworths guitar. Now with the advances in technology I have managed to turn them into digital ditties to be hummed by postmen the world over.

Tracks marked available for download can be found on the following sites:


Hoochie Koo

hoochie-koo01 – Your Dreams 02 – Don’t Leave Me03 – Crying Blues04 – Coming Home05 – Goodbye06 – Why Did She Go07 – I Remember08 – Country Girl09 – You10 – Paper Judy11 – Baby

This is my debut album. On these songs I have had the pleasure of jamming with talented musicians and singers from around the world. And as these songs were created over the Internet none of the participants have met one another. All songs were written and produced by myself and were mixed at the much revered Primrose Recording Plant (well, in reality it’s just a spare room).

Hoochie Koo Lyrics

This album is available for download.

Boogie Blue


This is the second album I am recording. I’ve not got much to offer at the moment except the artwork but hey, that’s rock and roll I guess.

Boogie Blue Lyrics

Mizell Dawn


In the sixties this would have been called an EP (extended play). This piece is a bit longer than the traditional EP (extended play) so I guess you could call it an EEP (extended extended play). It is an instrumental composition again written, produced and mixed by myself at the Primrose Plant (spare room).

This track is available for download.

Goodbye (Plugged In)


Lifted from the album Hoochie Koo, this plugged in version of Goodbye highlights the wonderful vocals of Jasmine J. The guitar solo is played by Mario Sekelja and I on occasions shake my maracas.

This track is available for download.

Christmas With You


A festive ditty to boogie along to after the Queen’s speech. This tune was conceived in the seventies and left in limbo for four decades. Merry Christmas to one and all said Tiny Timothy.

Christmas With You Lyrics

This track is available for download.



Another track taken from the Hoochie Koo album to rock your beans to. Rhythm guitars and bass guitar were played by myself. Many thanks to Dave White for the exceptional guitar solos, Groundfish for the drums and Anthony Vincent for rocking vocals.

This track is available for download.

Why Did She Go (Extended)


Taken from the Hoochie Koo album featuring extended lead guitar from Rob Masters.

This track is available for download.